Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters – Atlanta

Ren Doughty, the Outreach and Customer Support Coordinator for Batdorf & Bronson Atlanta, sent me a Facebook friend request sometime earlier this year after seeing some photos I took at  the last Team Hidi event. It sort of goes without saying, everyone associated with Team Hidi is no doubt someone with a good heart and someone I want to know. We have been "friends" ever since. 

Last week though, I had the pleasure of meeting Ren in person. Based on my status updates, he knew our family was back in Atlanta, escaping Tampa due to impending Hurricane Irma. He extended a kind offer of distraction – bring whoever you are with and come tour the roastery. I'm so happy we took him up on his offer.

My friend Rebecca and I were greeted by Ren who soon introduced us to CheFarmer, Matthew Raiford and Alchemist, Jovan Sage, fellow storm refugees from Brunswick, GA (Check out their farm and restaurant, Farmer and Larder). Ren took all of us through the Batdorf & Bronson training kitchen and roastery and swirled our heads with more coffee history and facts than most will ever have the privilege of learning from someone with such extensive coffee knowledge.

Did you know the average coffee tree produces an annual yield of 1-ish pounds of roasted coffee? So that pound of coffee you buy? Yep, one tree. Per year. Whaaaa?

Also, a peaberry. I had no freaking clue what a peaberry was. Google it. Mind blown.

Oh, and that coffee grinder in your kitchen? Unless it's a burr grinder, you may as well just toss it. 

And guess what. Did you know there is a proper coffee "slurp?" There is. And you will never, ever see a video of me doing this.

Ren kindly and proudly made us multiple cups of coffee, which were all amazing. I was a little embarrassed to mention it at the time, but my benign heart condition (aka: Supraventricular Tachycardia) had come out to play after all the caffeine intake. Nothing a pitcher of water didn't solve. 

I hope you enjoy these images and will consider placing an order with Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters. I can assure you, no one cares more about their product and customer satisfaction than they do. Except maybe Elvis. Look closely, he oversees every roast they send out.